Sunday, September 03, 2006

Name Game

I was looking for some names to suggest to Michael. This is what I came up with:

Hunter Allen (means: little rock)
Hunter Brennan (means prince)
Hunter Camden (means: from the valley)
Hunter Cassidy (means: clever)
Hunter Farrell (means: Descendant of the man of valour)
Hunter Flynn (means: Heir to the Redheaded)
Hunter Gabriel (means: God is my strength)
Hunter Grant (means: great)
Hunter Guthrie (means: war serpent)
Hunter Jared (means: down to earth)
Hunter Jesse (means: God exists)
Hunter Keg an (means: bright shining flame)
Hunter Kenzie (means: light skinned)
Hunter Kenneth (means: handsome)
Hunter MacKenzie (means: son of light skinned/handsome)
Hunter Reagan (means: son of the small ruler)
Hunter Riordan (means: royal poet)
Hunter Roderick (means: famous ruler)
Hunter Wade (means: traveler)
Hunter Zachary (means: God has remembered)

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