Thursday, August 31, 2006

So Thrilled!

I have this God-awful wheat intolerance that shows up as eczema on the palms of my hands. It's horrible. If I eat too many wheat products (and what isn't made with wheat, eh?) my hands get all fucked up and it's painful and ugly and just really a big pain in the ass.

So, here I am over 2 weeks w/o eating anything wheat. I've had a bite or two of certain things (pizza, cake and the like) but I haven't been able to really enjoy some of the things that I love and crave, now that I'm all knocked up and stuff.

I got this bag of brownies that are wheat and wheat gluten FREE!! YAY! I went ahead and made them yestereday and OMG, I'm in brownie heaven. Now, next time I'm going to get the cookies and breads that they sell. YAY for Pam and her Wheat and Wheat Gluten Free Products! Just. Yay.

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