Sunday, September 03, 2006

To: The Bitch From Target That Lied to Me

Dear Bitch,

I find it highly annoying that when I call your store to ask if you had a specific totebag in stock, in a specific color and at a specific sale price AND you tell me that you have said totebag in stock, in the specific color and at that specific sale price AND when I get my three kids and my pregnant ass out to your store you do NOT have the specific totebag in stock, in the specific color and at the specific sale price. It's just fucking rude. So, next time you are eating at Applebees I hope the line cook hawks a lugie in your chicken primavera. And, next time you go to get your oil changed at Walmart I hope they fuck up your exhaust system. And, on top of that, next time you call looking for a specific item at a specific store, I hope they LIE TO YOU like YOU LIED TO ME! Whore.

She That Is Vindictive as Can Be in Pregnancy

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