Thursday, August 31, 2006

So Thrilled!

I have this God-awful wheat intolerance that shows up as eczema on the palms of my hands. It's horrible. If I eat too many wheat products (and what isn't made with wheat, eh?) my hands get all fucked up and it's painful and ugly and just really a big pain in the ass.

So, here I am over 2 weeks w/o eating anything wheat. I've had a bite or two of certain things (pizza, cake and the like) but I haven't been able to really enjoy some of the things that I love and crave, now that I'm all knocked up and stuff.

I got this bag of brownies that are wheat and wheat gluten FREE!! YAY! I went ahead and made them yestereday and OMG, I'm in brownie heaven. Now, next time I'm going to get the cookies and breads that they sell. YAY for Pam and her Wheat and Wheat Gluten Free Products! Just. Yay.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's a Boy!

Our baby is a boy. I knew it Mama's Intuition!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"You're Crazy!"

That's what Dr. Calabrese told me when we were going over my birth history. It was in regards to me not having an epidural during labor/delivery.

That's me! The crazy lady who shoots babies out of her va-jay-jay without any spinal insertions for pain meds.

Friday, August 11, 2006

With a Shiver in My Bones Just Thinking About the Weather

It's been so nice here lately. We haven't needed to run the airconditioner and it's just been beautiful for sleeping. It hasn't exactly been swimming weather but that's ok.

I have less than two boxes left to unpack. Sure stuff looks a little discombobulated but it's livable. I never thought it would get done and now I have some semblance of hope.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Breakin' Balls

A friend, whom shall remain nameless, went shopping with Olivia and I this evening. Her two year old toddler, whom shall remain nameless, was also in tow. After shopping a bit in Target (where I got a lovely clearance priced purse) we went to a little shop called the Country Peddlers. This particular shop has grown in recent years from a produce stand to a full out grocer with a meat market, a retail store, a garden center and now an ice cream shoppe.

Anyyyyyway... Today was this pregnant lady's opportunity to try to heavenly treat called gelato (which my friend whom is still remaining nameless has raved about for months) and you betcha bootie I was all over that like white on rice. I went to the window to our our gelato and Livey's ice-cream while my friend, whom shall remain nameless, watched her son, whom shall remain nameless, and my kiddette. I got the goods and walked over to them to find my friend's son, whom shall remain nameless, holding two gazing balls (one smaller than the other). I said, "Is he ok with those?" and not a moment sooner he dropped the bigger one. She froze. I froze. The lady that was standing there with her child froze. I think Livey laughed, I'm not sure. I think the toddler, whom shall remain nameless, pointed and said "it boke". All I could do was wave my hand like a Jedi at the woman with her child and say, "You did not see anytihng" and we finished our gelattos and got the hell outta dodge. I sure as fuck didn't have $70.00 to buy the broken item and my friend, whom shall remain nameless, just dropped $40.00 at Target and I'm sure she didn't have it either. We concluded that it serves them right having all those gazing balls sitting around. Asshats.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Amazing with a Capital "A"

It's Amazing what hanging a few things up on a few walls will do. I see a sliver of a glimmer of hope for this apartment. I said sliver. ;)

Keeping With Current Trends

I will continue to whine in this post.

Honestly, I don't give a fuck if it's annoying you. (General "You")

My hands are in the worst shape ever. Not only have I been eating wheat (save the last two days) the amount of work that I've been doing with them and the stress that I feel I'm under is not helping.


And Mo if you are reading this I know that I should go to the doctor and I will. Soon. Promise.

I wanna cry....

I can't even lie down on a couch in my own apartment. Why? Because the boxes in the living room, in front of said couches are too heavy for me to move.

I can't even take a shower in my own apartment. Why? Because my dad hasn't hooked our hot water up.

I can't seem to get anything done. Why? Because I just keep moving one pile of shit to another space thus creating another pile of shit.

I can't seem to want to get this done? Why? Because I feel hopeless, helpless and disgraced. :(