Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Developement ;)

We will be residing in the 2 bedroom apartment above my parents garage.

The kids will share a room; the beds fit!

We will use hand-me-down couches but will get new ones upon the purchase of a house.

We will save anywhere from $800-1000 every month.

So, is it my favorite option? No. Is it the smartest one. Yes.

Pray for my sanity.

No Developements :(

No developments. There's a few calls that have not been returned so we don't know. He said he'd rather stay in ATL at this point b/c the only ones that seem decent and take pets are between 7-800. Otherwise, he said, we might just have to sacrifice and stay in the apartment and save the 7-800/month to put towards a downpayment in the fall, for our own house. I don't know? I guess he told my mom that it's miserable upstairs w/o a/c and that with the three kids and me being pregnant that we'd needs some cooling system. She said that we could get some window units for the bedrooms or a free standing a/c for the front (and we'd use fans to circulate the cool air). He also told my mom, "You know how Mishelle and her dad get when they are under the same roof for too long" and she laughed and agreed. Again, I don't know?

Could we do it for a few/serveral months? Sure.
Do we want to do it? Not really.
Should we do it? Probably.
Does it make the most sense? Absolutely.

Redundantly, I don't know?

Home is Where the Heart is....

...but you have to find a home before you can put your heart in it! Right now I'm stressed beyond beliefe. Our move is coming up in about a month and Michael is currently on the search for a place for us to rent in Buffalo. So far, after one day of calling and looking, we have nothing. Hopefully today he fairs better, puts a deposit down on something and we can live happily ever after UNTIL we start looking for a house to buy in 6-12 months.

There is another option, if we don't find anything but it's not the one that will make me happy. I'm trying not to think about it but it just might well have to be thought about.

Uh.. I don't know... I just hope and pray that some place will take dogs that is in a safe area and close enough to my family and friends.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Show Offs Suck

I know two show offs.

One is proffessional.

One is quite amateur.

Both show offs equally suck. And what amazes me is that instead of finding the proper venue to show off in (I know these exist) they decide to do it at a place where their egos can be stroked more. Lovely.

Fucking show offs. That is all.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Secret Preggo Mama!

I'm still in a bit of shock that I'm pregnant with number four! I'm really looking forward to getting out of the first trimester b/c that is when it's the most touch-and-to. I just want to have an effortless pregnancy and labor and delivery!

The kids are beyond thrilled and Michael and I are throwing around names. I'm really excited!! Excited and SHOCKED! ;)