Monday, October 30, 2006

Reality Check!

I'm 31 weeks pregnant today. This baby could come in 5 to 8 weeks and anywhere inbetween. WOW! Where did the time go?

I'm in that phase of the third trimester that gives me an anxious feeling. I'm anxious to meet this little boy, NAME HIM, and see how the family dynamics change b/c of him. I'm anxious to care for a newborn again. That newborn smell, his little fingers and toes, his coos, his toothless grin. I can't wait!

Now my big wonderment is: Will the next 5-8 weeks go by fast or slow? I hope they go by fast and that I get all my Christmas shopping done soon. LOL

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So Glad ...

It's wonderful to know that I'm being read. I'm not the greatest of bloggers (s'up Dooce?) but it really tickles my tootie to know that you click my link to read my blog. So, from the bottom of my heart... Thank You!

Back to your regularly scheduled masterbation of penises both big and small. *wink*wink*smooch*wink*

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sponge Bob's Like the Stars in the Sky

I hate the day before Michael leaves. The time goes by fast enough and being pregnant and homeschooling helps make it even faster but the week he's home makes me realize how much I miss him when he's gone. I know that I'm just hormonal and stuff but I had to choke back tears when this conversation occurred at my parents' dinner table tonight.

Dedo: "Benny, tell Papa who on TV reminds you him when he's gone!"
Benny: "Sponge Bob!"
Papa: "You know what? Sometimes when I'm watching TV and I catch Sponge Bob, I always watch it."
Benny: "Why?"
Papa: "Because I think that maybe you guys are watching it at the same time."

Can I get a collective "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"? *sniff sniff*

Friday, October 20, 2006

We Always [sit and lay] in a Comfortable Stance!

We should have them in 3 weeks! I can't wait to sit on comfortable couches again!!!

Shoe Saga Continues

Well, I returned the Docs. I loved them but they weren't fitting properly and I didn't want a good pair of shoes and money to be wasted. So, I found a site where I can get one size bigger. I think I will be happier. Plus, I like this style better and I'm getting free shipping and not paying any tax. Now, the waiting game.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Friday the 13th; Buffalo's Surprise Autumn Storm

In the wee hours of Friday the thirteenth we were struck with a storm that will be forever known as the "Surprise Storm of Friday the 13th" here in Buffalo, NY. I woke up in the middle of the night to no power, to see the accumulating snow and quickly called Michael to tell him about it. As quickly as I called, I hung up because the lightening and thunder was so monsterous that I felt unsafe on my cell phone. We both couldn't believe that we were getting snow at this time in the autumn. It just was very strange. I covered the kids with extra blankets, lit a candle in the bathroom and comforted the kids regarding the lightening and thunder. I snuggled up in bed, called the dogs up next to me and fell back asleep.

We awoke around 7:00am and I quickly got the kids some sweatshirts and socks. I went by the stove and remembered that it was an old gas stove that would work without electricity. So, I made some hot oatmeal for all of us figuring that we would need something to keep warm. After eating the kids completed their school work that was left over from the previous day. Two hours later we saw my dad snowblowing the driveway and the kids begged to go play in the white stuff. I bundled them up, got them gloves and hats and off they went. Shortly thereafter my mom came upstairs and we lamented about the storm and not having any power. When she came up she was happy that we were staying warm. I had cooked some more on the stovetop (prepared ground sirloin for Shepards Pie) and made some cookies in the oven. After the kids played my mom and dad took O to the store to see if they could find anywhere that had hot coffee. Upon their arrival home they told us how the storm had caused so much damage. There were trees down, power lines down and it was almost war-zone like. The culprit was a very heavy, very wet snow. My mom said that people were taking stuff off the shelves at the grocery store as if it were a matter of life and death.

Around 1:30pm, my mom, myself and B headed down the road to check on my grandparents (mom's parents). They were all right and keeping warm by bundling up. They'd already starting bailing water out of their sumpump as my grandfather was very worried that the basement would flood (this would later be a problem for MANY Buffalonians without power). We left their house in search of gasoline for my mom's car, to no avail. And, it was downright scary on the roads. Tree limbs were fallen as well as power lines (as described by mom earlier). People looked lost and there was an eerieness to the area. Friday the 13th, right?

We got home and ate lunch. I was going stir crazy and needed to get out to search for gas, too. I had heard from my best friend that a local gas station was open, so off I went. Michael was due home the next day and if I had no gas to pick him up from the airport, there he would be stuck. I bundled up, got my boots on and took off. First I went to the gas station that I knew was open. However, when I got there I saw some craziness due to incompenant drives and cars that aren't made to be in slush-snow and on a hill. I decided to go around to the other gas station that I saw open on my way there (I should've just waited when I first saw it and I don't know why i didn't). The way I went could have proven disasterous because I turned down a street that was very clogged with limbs and branches. Dare I even mention the number of downed powerlines. It was very scary and I prayed that I would make it. Thank God, I did. I got to the Sunoco and waited. One whole hour later I got to the pump and proceeded to start pumping. The card reader told me to "See Attendant" and when I did he glummly said, "I'm all out!" I don't think I understood him and said, "Excuse me?" and he reiterated, "I'm all out of gas!" I'd waited an hour and they were all out. And, I was on E(mpty) and scared and I had to pee.

With that I proceeded up to yet another gas station. I waited for 5 minutes and decided not to wait anymore and went to the Tops gas station. I somehow got in a line that was six cars deep. The urge to pee was great but I wasn't about to lose my great place in line. Finally, I made it and pumped my gas. I was lucky enough to use my bonus points and paid fourty cents less, too, but I digress...

When I left the gas station I knew I wouldn't make it home without going to the bathroom first. I saw that my favorite family-owned dollar store (Dollar Galaxy) was open so I quickly parked the truck and ran in to pleed for use of their private bathroom. Luckily - 1) the were open and 2) they have compassion for pregnant ladies because they let me use their facility. To repay them I spent $10 in there, too. I got some candles and other things that I'd be able to use (like decorations and kitchen accessories).

What would have really been perfect would have been if the Tim Horton's drive thru line that I was waiting in for a few minutes yielded some splendid black elixir. However, people were waiting in vain. They would pull up to the order box, hear the recorded greeting, talk for a minute giving their order and then pull up when they were not answered. We could not see that they weren't getting their orders fullfilled. All we whom were waiting could see was them pull forward as if they were getting their order. It wasn't until a man came up to each waiting vehicle to break the news. Really, it didn't matter....I had a tankfull of gas, decorations, candles and new kitchen towels!

I got home 2.5 hours after I set off. My parents decided that they would go off in search of gas at that time. They had M with them and quickly came back because the lines grew bigger and bigger. I went downstairs to see what they were doing upon their arrival and saw my mom's cell phone plugged into the wall.

"Why is that glowing? How is that glowing?"

"I don't know?"

And two seconds later my mom flipped on her kitchen light. POWER. We had power back!! HALLELUJA! When we turned the TV on we found out that in addition to hundreds of thousdands of residents being without power that we were not to drink the water without boiling. With that I was off again to find some bottled water. Being pregnant I didn't want to take any chances with that. We lucked out and found some at Aldi. I got six twelve packs and felt relieved that we would be ok for a few days. When we got home I got the kids ready for bed and thus ended our day. We lucked out, BIGTIME! We got our power back, stayed warm and even got gas on this crazy day. Bigtime. We lucked out! But, what a welcome home this was for our family... *giggles*

We'd see devastion and scarring around us as we ventured out in the following days. We'd hear stories; everyone has a story to tell. We'd learn that people died. We'd see news reports about the devastation. And...we'll see, hear, learn and talk about this storm for a long time. The trees will be a constant reminder, too. The poor sad and scarred trees. Buffalonians are made out of some tough grit, though, and we'll overcome this disaster.


I finally got a new pair of shoes that aren't from Payless or Walmart. I'm not knocking those places b/c for years they have provided me with shoes for many occassions but I just don't have a pair of shoes that are an old standby. Well...that has changed as of today! I got a pair of Dr. Martens. I had a pair of Docs years ago (like 12 years ago) and I loved them so much. I bought those at TJMaxx and I wish I would have kept them all these years. I bet I would still have them. I digress.

Here are my new shoes:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Mom Just Called

She's already had one response to the Baby Shower she's throwing us. How cool is that? I'm starting to get really excited about it now. Let the RSVP ball roll!!!


4 more RSVP'd!!!

28 weeks 3 days with a Bad Bra and No Makeup!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

If Only You Could See This!

Mikey and Livey breakdancing to Men at Work on the kitchen floor!

Who Can It Be Now?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh You're So Cool!

You are so cool when you tell others how successful and wonderful and talented you are. It kind of reminds me of when a guy says he has a big penis when he's only got a 2 inch pencil dick. You're so cool. NOT!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

This I Enjoy

I'm sitting here at the kitchen table and the children are sitting here with me. The boys are building Bionicles and the girl is drawing. The TV is off, everyone is fed (including the dogs), my parents are gone out (no bother there) and the day just turned to night. I look to my left and see the new Halloween decorations that I got and think about the end of the month when we will be dressing up and celebrating All Hallows Eve.

It's times like these when I know that motherhood is my most rewarding path. While I want to scream and run for the hills, at times, I know that I could never find anything that fullfills me as much as this. Right here. Right now. This is what makes my life worthwhile.

So, how will things change in the coming months? How will our new addition shift the family structure? How easy and how hard will it be?

Quite frankly, I think that things will evolve to what they should be and I'm not even the least bit worried. Sure, I have questions and speculations about how life will be altered but I'm not fretting. These kids are so wonderful, so well adjusted and so loving that things cannot be negative.

One thing's for certain, our house will be loud. Our house will be busy. Our house will be a bit chaotic. But, I wouldn't want it any other way. This I enjoy.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Must. Sign.

I have been neglecting to sign Mikey up for Karate. it's a must this week. I know he misses it. I miss it, too.