Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So Hard To Say Goodbye

Tonight I will be saying goodbye to one of my best friends in Georgia. It's gonna be so fucking hard and I cry just at the thought of it.

We've spent loads of time together and it's just one of those friendships that seems to have existed forever. So, in reality, it's not Goodbye. Is it? However, I will miss her smile, her companionship, her cooking...all the way down to her red Xterra. Ugh. So, it's not Goodbye but we are moving 900 miles away and while we'll talk and definitely keep in touch we won't be able to go to the park on the fly with the kids, drink iced Americanos, drive down to Alpharetta and eat at Chipotle's, etc..etc..etc..

I'm so glad I know her. I know we'll be friends forever. But, that doesn't make leaving her here any easier.

Jersey, if you are reading this please know that I love you to the moon and back -a million times over! I'll never drink a Starbucks without thinking about you! You'll be one of my best friends forever! And, I love you dearly!

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