Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No Developements :(

No developments. There's a few calls that have not been returned so we don't know. He said he'd rather stay in ATL at this point b/c the only ones that seem decent and take pets are between 7-800. Otherwise, he said, we might just have to sacrifice and stay in the apartment and save the 7-800/month to put towards a downpayment in the fall, for our own house. I don't know? I guess he told my mom that it's miserable upstairs w/o a/c and that with the three kids and me being pregnant that we'd needs some cooling system. She said that we could get some window units for the bedrooms or a free standing a/c for the front (and we'd use fans to circulate the cool air). He also told my mom, "You know how Mishelle and her dad get when they are under the same roof for too long" and she laughed and agreed. Again, I don't know?

Could we do it for a few/serveral months? Sure.
Do we want to do it? Not really.
Should we do it? Probably.
Does it make the most sense? Absolutely.

Redundantly, I don't know?

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