Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006, Already?

Holy snap, man, I can't believe that it's 2006. 2005 had it's ups and downs but doesn't every year? In the 90's the 2K's seemed eons away and here were are almost through the first decade of 2K. It's unreal but yet it's so real.

We were very lucky to be invited to 2 different parties this year. We declined a fellow GA Mom's party invite because of how far they live from us (almost an hour away). By the time the party got changed to a little closer to home we had accepted Rene's invite for the party at her house. It's all good, really. :)

Regardless, we ushered in the New Year very happily. We had a blast! Rene, Andy and their daughter, Maureen and Jeff were there with the kids, Heather and Kelly and their motley testosteroeful crew and another of Andy's friends and his wife and best friend were all there as well as Rene's sweet-as-chocolate-cream-pie sister, Jessa. We had a lot of food and drink and a KARAOKE machine! I was unanimously declared to be the "Queen of Karaoke" and rightfully so, if I do say so myself. *giggle* The drinks went down really easily, too. I had three of Jessa's fruity concoction with Rum in the first hour on an empty stomach. After I paused my beverage consumption for a while I resumed with Rene's peach-orange martinis. On top of that add in a champagne glass and I was pretty lit. I wasn't blubbering, though. That's always a plus.

The biggest bonus of the night was how well Michael got on with Andy, Jeff and Kelly (whom he had met in the summer). They talked like they had known each other for years, much like how us girls clicked. It was pretty awesome. Not because he's mine but I think Michael's pretty damned fantastic (save when he's pissed off at me for something stupid - haha).

Benny was first to go down from our brood. At about 10:15 he climbed up on one of the couches sleepily. I asked Michael to get the sleep clothes and sleeping bags. By 10:30 Benny was asleep. Next to go down was Olivia. She had only wanted to watch TV in her sleeping bag but by 11:30 she was down for the count. Mikey, on-the-other-hand, was determined to stay up to see the fireworks that were set to go off at midnight, across the street. He made it and then some. But by 1:20am he was so cranky and groggy that I draged him downstairs. Maureen laughed when she recanted what I said to him as I took him down. I said, "Son, you're just overstimulated.." and boy-oh-boy, was it ever true.

We hung around until about 2:00am'ish. By the time we got everyone and everything out of the house and into the truck, and said our good-byes and thank-yous, it was around 2:20. Livey called out 2:42 after she made a pee-pee and prepared to jump into her cozylicious bed. By 3am all three kids were snug as bugs in rugs and the dogs had peed and pooped and Michael and I were in bed, fan turning above us, as we sunk into the sleepy abyss. I remember telling him how much fun I had and I remember him telling me how much fun I had and the next thing I knew my dad's ring was playing and I was answering my phone in a hushed manner. It was after 10am.

I spoke to both my parents early in the New Year. I also had the chance to say "Happy New Year" to an old friend of Michael's, also an old friend of mine from our New Orleans days of old. It was great to hear David's voice and I chastized him about the fact that he needs to come and see us!!

All-in-all, 2005 was a pretty great year. I'm happy with our life here in Georgia. I'm happy with all my relationships. I'm happy. I'm happy and I expect for this happiness to carry through. May God bless and keep us safe, healthy and content and may He bless all that we encounter in 2006 and always.

Happy New Year 2006!

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