Monday, November 28, 2005

Some Famous Dedo Quotes

One time Dedo Mite was telling Michael and I about his coworkers (he was a mechanic for big trucks) and how they would eat lunch and belch. He said it was so disgusting and he hated it so one day he let a big assed fart rip.

Some guy said, "Hey Mike, that's gross!"

Dedo Mite retorted, in only a way he can retort, "Eh, some people dey burp in da mouth en some people dey burp in da ass. I burp in da ass."

Michael and I lost it!! To this day we use this quote. Long live burping in the mouth...and the ass!!

After we were married Baba and Dedo kept my bridal announcement on their fridge.

One day I was over and Dedo and I were at the fridge and I said, "Look at that nice bride!"

Dedo put his arm around me, squeezed, pointed at the picture and said, "Purty gurl, purty picka!" I busted a gut laughing and he walked away red-faced.

The big deal is that the word "picka" is pronounced "peachka" and it means "pussy". See?

More famous Dedo quotes:

" Hey Big Boy "
" Is my medicine " (referring to his moonshine)
" Shuddup Milevo! "


pjov4444 said...

HAHAHAHA!! This reminds me of the Dedo card for Livvie. That was classic! Did she ever buy new tits, by the way? ;)
Purty picka!

M i s h e l l e said...

Upon our discussion today we pulled out that card. We laughed so hard and I, inevitably, pissed my pants~

pjov4444 said...

Of course you did! :)
You need to make a book of Dedo-isms. For real. Call him once a week and pull things out of him. I, on the other hand will be busying myself with inventing a proper tool to aid in the collecting of a urine sample mid-stream.