Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Ant Graveyard

One of the most annoying things about living here is that we have ants that come in and scavenge the kitchen countertops for food. And, not only do they do this and force us to bag and twist-tie everything that they can get into but they also get in the back bathroom (the one in our bedroom). It's absolutely crazy.

The most baffling phenomenon is "The Ant Graveyard" that has developed in the hall bathroom (the kids' bathroom). You can go in there, at any given time, and see the carcasses of dozens of ants. Even more baffling is the one or two ants that roam around, aimlessly, picking up their dead friends' bodies. Ant God only knows where and what they do with the empty shells of what they used to be?

Yeah. Ants. They are the suck.
Yeah. Ant Graveyard. It's just a little freaky.


pjov4444 said...

Dude! Time to call Ghostbusters. Anyone who's anyone knows only something paranormal can be occuring when ant corpses appear. Same thing with fly corpses. One word: EXORCISM! - and that means either get a priest or an exterminator ;) I think you might be able to salvage your house by arming yourself with a bible and RAID. Unless your landlord has better ideas, that is.

pjov4444 said...

PS- If you ever find that mass ant grave let me know where the little fuckers finally ended up!

pjov4444 said...

PSS- Since this is obviously causing me to lose valuable sleep I must say ants are way less creepy than spiders or centipedes or silverfish. Or maggots. God I hate maggots!!

pjov4444 said...

(I meant PPS not PSS....)

M i s h e l l e said...

I can honestly say that I hate one thing in life and I'm of the school of "Thou Shalt Not Hate". BUT I FUCKING HATE LITTLE ANT FUCKERS!