Monday, September 26, 2005

Wednesday Night

It was such a great night. The company I kept was exquisite and I think I have forged a nice beginning to a great friendship with Jordyn.

Sometimes I wish that I could live in a big city. The feeling I get from them are different. I mean, I love the country. I feel that if I had a nice log cabin in the woods by a mountain and a stream that I'd be set but then when I visit a city I think that I could definitely live in a city and be fine.

Atlanta is beautiful. The buildings are beautiful and the feel of the city is very historical to me. We had dinner at the Pleasant Peasant and the feel of that small establishement was very old yet refined as most are in the heart of New Orleans. It was splendid.

I looked like the shiz-nit, too! My hair was perfectly coiffed, my outfit was modernly fashioable, my jewlery chic and my make up perfect. I even waxed and plucked earlier in the day.

When I walked into Michelle's house to drop the kids off she literally had to pick her jaw up off the floor to tell me how beautiful I looked. She couldn't stop staring at me. I was giddy with that "I'm-going-to-a-dance-at-church" feeling. This feeling went away after the church dances became nothing but up until a certain point I would be almost vommitting, I was so excited. I felt this way on Wednesday night.

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