Sunday, September 04, 2005


I will be, essentially, a mother of 5 (8 if you count the pilot and the dogs).

Christopher & JoJo (nephews from LA) will be over with Michael after he gets out of work and gets them from his mom's house. The kids are STOKED! They just can't wait to spend times with their cousins and that is just very heart warming (I almost typed warm hearting). It's gonna be a fun week, I'm sure!! I say that with all sincerity and no sarcasm. I swear.

I'm still kinda feeling cloudy in the head from all this Hurricane Katrina aftermath. I have just turned to the Food Network. I think I need to seriously detox from the news and what better way to do that than with BOBBY-fucking-FLAY!

Friend Kiara was going to come over so that we could go to the beach but she lives in Lawrenceville (read: Bumfuckegypt) and she said she really didn't have much gas and we're all about conservation these days, aren't we now? So, I just need to do something. I've called Friend Michelle and hopefully we can do something (the beach, the pool, whatever). I. Just. Need. To. Get. Out. Or. I. Might. Explode.

Okily-dokily. Ciao for now. I must put my culinary skills to mad use (read: make lunch).


Lynn said...

Hey Mishi - how do you add links to your blog (i.e. I'd like you put you on mine). I've tried reading the online help but I'm fucking USELESS with this stuff.

M i s h e l l e said...

I'm really useless when it comes to html but I somehow figured this out. In my blog style (whey you go to edit your profile and I believe edit format) I found where the link section was and added it following how they had the sample. I don't know how yours is but I think you can just edit your profile/format to include some links.. I'm sorry that I'm bumbling but I'm pretty much useless, too. :(