Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Insane People go to Parks, too!

Oh what interesting people we encounter while out and about, in everyday life.

Today, the kids and I had a home school group playdate at a local park. One mom, my friend Shelly (you are right in assuming that almost everyone I am friends with has the name Michelle or a derivative thereof), and I were talking.

I said, "Did you hear the way he was talking to them!", referring to some man and how rudely he was talking to his boys on the basketball court behind us.

She shook her head and said "gotta love it", to acknowledge and at that time this older woman and her toddler (could've been grandson, could've been son) were at the water fountain.

The woman said, "You aren't being smart-alecy again, now, are you?" and we just looked at each other puzzled. She said, "You know it's GETTING OLD!" and Shelly begged her pardon. The woman started walking past and said, "I get it everywhere I go, why can't you just be quiet?"

At this time I said, "We have no idea what you are talking about. Care to share?"

She replied, "No, what were you talking about?"

I stated, "We were commenting about the way this man was talking to his boys."

She kept on walking and said, "Whatever!"

OMG, that was -like- totally strange. Shelly questioned what was wrong with this woman and I said, "I have no clue but apparently she's got a chip on her shoulder."

Just goes to show that insane individuals are allowed to roam the parks, freely. I mean, we were there, right?

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