Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm Melting, Meltiiiiinnnnggg..

There's nothing like the unconditional love of a dog and, boy-oh-boy, Sadie's love is unmeasured. She is loyal, loving and just a good ole dog.

But, woooo-dawgie, that girl's got some stank-ass breath. Don't get me started on her paws.

She plops her self in front of me, her mouth gaping, panting. She lifts her front paws on me and I'm double stankified. I just don't think she knows how putrid these smells are.

Note to self: Self, go to the store and get this dog some denta-bones, doggie toothpast and give her a fucking bath!

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pjovo4444 said...

So Sadie had a case of the frito feet too huh? The toothbrush is a totally good idea (I brush Piper's teeth every weekend) and the stank feet can be greatly helped if you fill the tub with a few inches of some warm scented soapy water (bubble bath or whatever) and just make her walk around in that for a few minutes, if a whole bath is too much of a hassle.