Wednesday, September 07, 2005

2nd Serious Consideration

I'm considering putting some FUNKED OUT streaks of color in my hair.. OMG, I'm hitting a mid-life crisis. Next thing you know I'll be piercing my nose, brow and belly button!

Ok, so that last part is a bit outlandish but I am considering getting some funky color chunks in my hair. I would like feedback, s'il vous plait!


Lynn said...

OK....I love streaks and highlights in darker hair. They would ROCK on you. Go for it - get the shade of blonde that will go with your natural hair colour, it'll be gorgeous!!!

P.S. You getting your hair down there streaked too Angelina? hahahahah

Jackay said...

I love streaks (of course!)

I like your new blog..I tried to do mine thru here once. As you can see, I liked LJ better. *snort* I'll miss you on LJ! :(

M i s h e l l e said...

I know, Jacks, but I'm much more thrilled with this one. Please stop by and "see" me often!

M i s h e l l e said...
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