Friday, November 03, 2006

Feeling Really Good About This

When we were talking about leaving Georgia and heading back to New York, I almost didn't want to do it b/c of our Karate school. However, the decision was finalized when I became pregnant and we needed to do this; it just felt like it was the right choice. That still didn't minimize the fact that we were leaving a wonderful group of people, a wonderful dojo and ultimately a WONDERFUL Sensei.

We've been back to NY for 3 full months and are entering our 4th now, in November. I took Mikey to one Karate School (Kempo style) that my friend Shelley's son Billy goes to and after one class we knew it wasn't right for us. Not only was in too far, but we just didn't feel the click. So, we let Karate slide for another little while.

Until today!

We were driving home from Co-op and I decided to take a different route, through the backroads and I'm glad I did. At one point, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the Karate School that we'd been wanting to join (due to similarity in styles). There's a location out by our house, right across the street from our church. But, everytime I went to talk to someone noone was there. It kept falling by the wayside. In I went and talked to the Sensei and his mom. This lady turns out to be "the cheese lady" and there's a whole history between her cheese shop and our church and we were both sure that she knew my mom. Heck, I probably looked familiar to her. After all, I had spent many a Sunday afternoon in there eating her little samples of various cheeses!

This is where we are at. Mikey has a gi and four lessons are paid for. I'm sure this will be the school that he will be at for our duration here in NY. It just felt right... Can't wait to see how it feels once he goes for his first lesson today at 5pm!

ETA: We didn't make it to the class but will go on Monday. We were still awaiting the couches (which didn't show until well after 6pm).

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