Monday, July 31, 2006

We're Home...

...and I don't know that I'm entirely happy? Now, this could be a result of the HARD work we endured during this move (Michael's my hero, I can't say that enough, even though he's assholish at times) or it could be the result of having a billion and three boxes piled up around me or it could be that my kids haven't slept in their beds yet or the fact that Michael just left for a 19 day rotation today. I don't know? It could just be these pleasant pregnancy hormones. But, I look around here and think "I moved back to this shithole?" Just to clarify... it's not the people that I love that make it a shithole. If it were not for them I would be really depressed at the whole thing. But, it's the differences between Cumming and Buffalo. Maybe it just takes time to readapt? One thing's for damn sure: I will NOT be going to the God-forsaken place they call Walmart here. Target's gonna have to do.

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