Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Seven Year Old Becomes Eight Year Old and then again I Have Another Seven Year Old!

Yesterday my daughter turned seven. She had gone camping with her Brownie troop over the weekend so that was a great celebration for her. She told me that she told everyone that it was her birthday and then she asked them if they would like to sing to her. Crassitude! I love it.

We took her out for her birthday lunch and she chose Chinese Buffet (her FAVE). So, we went and ate and I ate entirely too much sushi (the buffet has a sushi bar but I only eat the non-raw stuff).

Ya know, the boy doesn't seem any different to me. But, this seventh birthday for her in conjunction with the camping trip without us has grown her up a little.

"How does it feel to be seven?", I asked.

"Kinda cool. Kinda different. I like it!", she replied.

I love that girl. She's my favorite girl in the whole wide world. Sometimes she's hard to take with her screeching and whinyness but all-in-all she's the best little girl. She's sweet, sassy, loveable, caring, kind-hearted, beautiful and everything you want a little girl to be. She's equally a tom-boy as she is a girly-girl and I love that about her.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!! YOU ROCK!

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Tara said...

She is so pretty, Mishelle! I can't believe our babies are 7 :(