Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free Sexy Shoes!!

Last week, when I was getting my Avon catalogs from Shelly, a lady from the Co-op walked up and asked, "Do either of you know anyone that wears a size 10 or 11 shoe?" and I cheerily replied, "I do!". She proceeds to hand me over 4 boxes of really nice shoes. She said, "if the shoe fits..." and lowe and behold, they did!

So, now I have four, nice and rather expensive shoes for free. I asked Shelly if she thought they were hot (not hot as in Paris Hilton hot but hot as in five finger discount hot) and she assured me that coming from this particular lady, they were in no way stolen hot.

Honestly, it's not beneath me to wear stolen shoes! I have a few stories I could tell from my former life as a kleptomaniac shoe thief, but I digress.

Here are my HOT SHOES:
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Mari said...

hmmm arent u lucky. You got 4 pairs of free shoes. I wish someone would give me free (really nice) shoes...

Anonymous said...

Looks like that bug on the floor wasn't that lucky CRUNCH!