Saturday, March 25, 2006

Having Children is Like Watching Your Heart Walk Around Outside of Your Body

And... Watching them spar in a Kumite match, at an AAU Championship Karate Tournament, is like being as nervous as a whore in church on Sunday. My goodness, gracious. I think I now have more grey hair than Taylor Hicks from American Idol.

He did good, though. He held his ground and finished in second place. A silver medal winner, my boy is! The same can't be said for his Kata competition. First things first, he went up against a boy from our school that is just awesome. He's a very strong and determined kind of boy. Mikey is strong and determined but in his own rite. Regardless, my boy got 4th place; that's nothing to scoff at. However, the look on his face was something else. He wasn't crushed as much as he was mad at himself for not placing. I thought he should have gotten, at least, 3rd place but 2/3 of the judges felt that the other boy did better. What do they know, anyhow?

Congrats and Big Props to our Big Boy! He's the cream of the crop as far as I'm concerned!!

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