Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Morning Sun Is Shining

8:27am: I just sat down to a cup of coffee and I felt the desire to put music on. Except, not one artist came to mind that I would like to hear right now.

8:30am: I need music. What a predicament?

8:39: So I begin to search the net for some tunes and I'm turning up with a big, fat NOTHING.

8:42: My CD's stare at me and NOTHING. Meanwhile, my coffee's almost done. Shit.

8:54: Search harder.

8:57: Launchcast through Yahoo! it is.

8:58: First I have to listen to some commercials.

8:58: Still nothing.

9:00: More commercials.

9:01: Music is on but the coffee's gone.


pjov4444 said...

Download the free version of and you'll find what you're looking for- just choose a genre.

M i s h e l l e said...

I have it!