Monday, January 23, 2006


I'm waiting for this profound moment
Not searching
Just waiting
I sit and day after day I wait
Nothing really happens
But yet I sit still
Words do not flood me
Moods frequently escape
And still nothing
It's like I'm waiting for
Something spectacular to fly out at me
I'll be damned if I even know what it is
My mind lingers
Intricate thoughts do not prevail
I feel mentally marooned
What the fuck am I waiting for
Everyone knows that you have to search
For reflection can't be given unless
You are willing to spread yourself
To see what it is your are really made of
How am I to know
How am I to see
Because I wait
My soul seems empty
Motions are contented
Conversation flows
And I'm still waiting
I need to just stop waiting
Figure out what it is that needs to be
But I should not wait
I'm postitive waiting is no good
To have a profound moment is to act
In this continuation we call life

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