Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No Title Because I Feel Unwitty

So, today's Tuesday and as far as I'm concerned the week is just about over. Yesterday we had our friends (Michelle & kids) over. The kids did some wooden crafts that I got from Michael's and we visited, drank way too much coffee, smoked some ciggies and then we put together a lasagna. Kids don't have any real taste buds or culture and they didn't eat any of it. Well, except Caleb; that boy can eat a horse! After they left I made an executive decision NOT to go to Karate. Don't think it didn't about kill me. I love me some Kiyaing! But, I think I have somehow inflammed or pinched my sciatic nerve. My lower back kills but it feels better upon stretching it. I'm sure I would have been better off going to Karate but I wanted to give it a day to rest. We'll try and get there tomorrow, for sure.

Today I had invited Anne (& her boys) and Linda (& her daughter) over but have to renege on it. Mikey woke up feeling "pukey" and actually puked around 10am. Olivia is now complaining of a tummy ache, too. Luckily, it's only a 24 hour thing and Benny already had it. Long live viruses. Motherfuckers.

Tomorrow I have to pick up my Avon catalogs and we have to get our Ceramics to send my parents and give to Regina. Afterwards, we've been invited by Linda to McDonalds. She wants to buy us lunch for Christmas. I thought that was very nice and providing everyone is healthy, we'll go!

Thursday we have a Christmas lunch playdate with our newest friends; Maureen (Ben and Sophia), Rene (Emory), Kristen (MaKenna) and Heather (Gavin, Grayson, Griffin). We became friends with each other through Heather. The kids took soccer with Gavin in the fall of 2004 and then he took one session of Karate with Mikey at Central Park. Heather invited the kids to her birthday party for Gavin in the fall of this year and that's where I met Maureen and Rene. From there I was invited to another girl's birthday party and saw Mo and Rene again and they told me about their coffee meetings on Mondays (which is perfect since Michael is off on Mondays). Long story, short; we've made good friends. I'm thrilled. FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, real like minded people with REAL personalities that do REAL things and LIVE in my city. Who'da thunk? LOL We're going to a NYE Party at Rene's house, even. I cant wait!!! So, back to the playdate. We're all pitching in. Maureen is hosting and we are gonna have crafts, food, sweets, the whole nine yards. It's gonna be wild.

Friday. I think I might get to rest and catch up on laundry. I'm caught up as of now but this won't last for long.

Saturday. We're going for Christmas Eve lunch to Regina and Tommy's. Laid back, good food, family... Should be nice. Wish my parents could be with us. :(


I've used up my exclamation marks for the day so now I will end this blogpost.

!! (ok, I had 2 more)

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pjov4444 said...

That's so cool that you're bursting with friends! I'm happy for you and I'm sure that makes you feel more at home there than ever. (and friends with kids nonetheless!)