Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Blah Grumble Grrr

I love how Halloween is over by 3 minutes and the stores are setting up their Christmas displays and how on the TV we are bombarded with Christmas music and gift-giving options. Makes me ill, quite honesty. We haven't even cut the Thanksgiving turkey or put the whip cream on the pumpkin pie and Santa's sitting in the local mall. Sure, egg on the kids to perpetuate greedy little bastards. Yes, that's harsh but that's what they become - Greedy Little Bastards! I have GLBs of my own even, though I try my hardest to teach them to appreciate what they have and to love the season for what it truly beholds.

This holiday season my goals are to gather friends, cook and bake, do crafts, enjoy music and movies of the season and advocate togetherness. I'm thinking about what I can do to get all the children we have befriended together. My house is small but I think I want to open it up and have a Kids' Christmas Party. I say thinking b/c in some way life takes twists and turns and all my plans get turned into mush. So, while I have good intentions they are still in the works. Wouldn't it be nice, though, to make some nice eats and have friends over. My dream is to own a house someday that will be able to be opened up to all our friends for a holiday party. I'm convinced I could through the bombity-bomb of parties!


pjov4444 said...

I need to have me some kids man! I want to host a kiddie Halloween party!! In that creepy scary dungeon basement I'm gonna have me!

M i s h e l l e said...

Get busy, Cuz!