Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not a Good Week

I request a do-over. I'm just really tired, cranky, painful and upset. I just really want to rewind or TiVo past it.

However, the kids are my lifeline in this misery. They make me laugh, smile and help me forget the shit week I've been having. For instance, Olivia continually shows me that she is a giving, nurturing and bright spirit. The day before yesterday she spent a lot of her time making various drawings. She collected them all in a brown paper bag and vowed to give her artwork out to people she met in our everyday travels. I mustered through my pain, yesterday, and took Mikey to Karate and Olivia decided that since there were many parents at the dojo that she would hand out her art there. She was so intensely sweet doing it that it just made me realize what a blessing God gave us, in her.

So, yes, I'm not having a good week. But, at least I have three happy little pills running around the house to make me feel better.

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