Saturday, October 15, 2005

I'm Sick and Tired of Being FAT!

I just feel fat and blah lately. I know that it's a direct result of the food choices *I* have made in recent weeks but it's still sickening. Why do I have to be one of these predisposed people that gains weight easily? Why do I have to work at this so hard and why do I feel like such a failure? I lost a total of 70lbs by April 2004 and since then 30lbs of it have crept back on. :::PUKE:::
I need to:

1) get back to regular exercise (walking, karate, pilates and yoga)
2) eat better
3) drink more water &
4) take my vitamins, daily

By NEW YEAR I would like to have dropped, at least, 20lbs. It's TOTALLY do-able! Now I just gotta fucking do it.


Tara said...

Well, you know I feel like this too. Why can't I be that skinny chick I used to be. You know...I used to think I was FAT at 145 pounds. I'll never see that weight again in my life LOL

M i s h e l l e said...

Having lost a total of 70lbs and regaining 30 of them, I FEEL SICK! But, I'll get back to it. I have no other choice. I refuse to be fat, tired and blah.