Monday, September 26, 2005

Searching for "Mecca"

Written on: Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yesterday I looked up the directions to the closest Aldi again b/c I wanted to get out there to get some staples. I was wanting to go yesteday afternoon but was too beat (read: Karate and watching 7 kids KICKED MY FUCKING ASS). So, I was pleased to see on the website that our Aldi was open on Sundays from 12-6pm."Kids, we're going to Aldi's. Get your shoes on, make a pee, let's go.", and we're off.The drive is about 30 minutes. Well worth the milage for the price of cereal bars, granola bars, whole wheat bread, dog treats, canned goods and chicken tenderloins; not to mention they have those awesome cheddar brats and turkey bacon! On the way there we stopped at Walmart (and I got a couple Avon catalogs out) and then to my pal Linda's (to give her and her mom a catalog). From Lindalu's we headed down to The Mecca of Cheap Food!I had to call my other pal, Michelle, to find out if I was going the right way and LUCKILY her husband was home to take the call. He informed that I was going the wrong way and told me which way to go and such. So, I finally get to Mecca and there isn't one single car in the parking lot.

What the shit, man?

It's closed.

What the fuck do you mean it's closed?

The website said it was to be open.

This is bunk. Bunk, I say.

So, I call back my directional advisor Mike (Michelle's husband). I asked if he could go "on the line" and see if there were any others close by. I wait a few minutes to call back (read: dial up sucks squirrel nuts) and he says that their website is not working.

What the shit, man?

It's not working?

What the fuck do you mean it's not working?

The website was working just yesterday.

This is bunk.Bunk, I say.

Mike advises me to go a few more miles to another Mecca. Maybe that one is open? We hope. I get the directions (thank you, o wise one) and finally get there. The lights are on. It's gotta be open. The kids exclaim that it's open. I believe it's open and then I pull all the way in. SHIT. It's closed. This trip to Mecca sucked. I'd love to say I'm never going back but the allure of the low-low prices are too strong.

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