Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Non-jocks, Dribbling and Penises.. Oh My!

I don't think either boy will be a professional basketball playa!


Benny and Mikey had basketball yesterday. They both had a hard time dribbling but Mikey got it more than his little bro did. Also, Mikey's class was smaller and each child got more one-on-one.

Don't get me wrong, they had fun, I just don't think they will be proffessional Shaqs or Jordans.

I did get quite pissed off during Benny's class, though. There was this big cyclops-of-a-kid that kept taking the balls from the younger boys. Benny and this other boy just stood there watching as cyclops went down the gym, time and time again. I could seriously feel my blood boiling and there might even have been steam coming out of my ears. I eventually got up and walked over to inform one of the "coaches" what I was witnessing. By then dribbling session of the class was over. Yay Coaches for being able to watch and teach 30, 4 to 6 year olds. UGH.

I did try to locate the cyclops's parents so that I might give them the evil eye but I was unsuccessful. I'll try harder next week.

During Mikey's class, Olivia, Benny and I went up to the track that is above the gym and walked a mile. We saw Mikey make a basket and whoop-whooped it up for him. He smiled so brightly! Well, after our walk we sat in the bleachers watching. One little boy, whom was in Benny's class, came down and was talking to Benny about Thomas the Tank Engine. He was a sweet little boy but he kept fondling his genetalia. His mother would scold from way up in the stands and I'd giggle, feeling her pain for I once had a four year old son who was so obssessed with his penis that I had to physically remove his hand from his pants on more than one occassion. I just tried my best to focus on Sean's eyes and not his hands. Apparently, according to what his mom said when we were leaving the gym, he flashed us. She just shook her head.

I just giggled and said, "I think if we had 'em we'd be touching 'em all the time, too!"

Thoughfully she said "You're right. See you next week."

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