Friday, September 02, 2005

Good Morning

I really love the way that Benny snuggles up against me. He's such a little love-bunny and I just eat his warmth up.

I'm on cup three of coffee. I thank New Orleans for giving me the love of coffee. Before that I never drank coffee and quite often professed disgust for the black elixir. Not any more. Man, if I didn't have my coffee, watch out!

Watching the coverage of the situations in New Orleans are very sad but I read some interesting blogs from people located in Uptown. It was good to read that some have power (via generators), food and that they have a little tap water that they can boil and consume.

My heart hurst for the people suffering over there. I can't even begin to verbalize how I feel but anger has set in. Why didn't helicopters drop massive amounts of water on I10 by the Superdome? It's just bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Horrible. Bad.

I'm going to end with a good note:

Michael just called and he said his mother called him this morning to discuss how the best way to get into MS would be. She's going to meet with Lana (Michael's sister) to get the boys. Lana said that looters have filtered into their area (around Baton Rouge) and the boys are not safe and they want them out. So, he asked if I minded if the boys stayed with us during the week. What do you think Mr. Lane? Of course I don't mind. I love those boys! They are family!

Family. Didn't I just learn that lesson with that Six Feet Under finale. Why, yes. Yes, I did!

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Lucky Pink said...

I understand the coffee addiction. You don't want to cross me before I've had at least one cup. The New Orleans situation almost seems unreal. It's terrible!

Hope you have a nice weekend =)